Sing in the car with Windows Down

Michael BoltonIt’s 10 o’clock at night, surely no one is around. I am pulling up towards the traffic light, Michael Bolton is blasting out of my stereo, and I am signing on top of my lungs. The next thing you know it, two girls pull up next to me in a hatchback, both are looking at my and laughing. Before I can explain myself, the lights turns green, and the car has taken off.

Well, it wasn’t so bad to sing in the car with the windows down. I got some laughter.


Acknowledge someone from nothing

I acknowledged Tanya at work for being so supportive and helpful. 

I acknowledged my housemate for helping out in cooking a family dinner together. 

I acknowledged Thai for her dedication in helping me to improve. 

Practice being vulnerable for 100 times

For the next 12 weeks, I am going to practice being vulnerable for 100 times out of my participation of a self expression and leadership program. The aim is to get out of my comfort zone in order to discover new possibilities.

So here it goes:

1st of March: I eat dinner alone on a Saturday night at Richmond. I was vulnerable because I was worried people would think I had no one to hang out with on a Saturday Night. But in fact, I was just really hungry, and need to eat and get some rest after for Sunday’s session. In the end, I discovered that no one really pay attention, and it was OK for me to do so. I have the comfort in myself knowing I have a great group of friends I can count on.

Why I started this blog

I started my first blog in April 2009, after attending an advertising course called Digital Cadet. There were certain moments in life that if you not taken action at that time, life would have been completely different. Digital Cadet was one of them for me. It opened up doors to a new world in Media & Advertising which I could not have dream of. Through this experience, it has also influenced me as a person. I now call Melbourne home and have a challenging career with some fantastic people around me.

I find myself now working at an successful agency with amazing group of people. For some reason, I find life becoming stagnate. I was no longer as eager and hungry as I used to be. This blog is a milestone for me  to explore. To find the me again.